Bob Verheijden (Ann Sophie Lehmann)

Mobile Material

29.05. [16.15 Uhr]

Archived stuff generally appears to be immobile: it sits in one place and does not move unless taken out of its place to be examined. Afterwards, it is generally put back in its drawer, shelf or box to become immobile yet again. In a material archive, materials are presented as singular entities that are extracted from the world and exist in a steady state, representing their family members out in the world. In artistic processes however and in the world in general, materials change and are changed all the time. They are combined, transformed, mixed, merged, connected, destroyed and so forth. Even when they appear to be solid and immutable to the naked eye, they always interact with the environment and react, ever so subtle, to changes in temperature, humidity, tectonic movement, pressure etc. These environmental influences cause materials to weather, corrode, erode, discolor, disappear etc. Materials are –as environmental psychologist James Jerome Gibson and anthropologist Tim Ingold have pointed out – active, in motion, and never alone. My talk addresses this essentially mobile state of materials and proposes ways to make this mobility – crucial to understanding and reconstructing creative processes – visible and palpable in a dynamic archive.
My talk will address this mobile state of materials by explaining the “Wunderkammer”, the dynamic palpable archive, of the students studios where materials are continuously in motion. This motion of materials can also been demonstrated in the project Fibers by the artist in residence Hella Jongerius at the Minerva Art Academy.


Bob Verheijden
1964 Waalre (NL)
1982 -1987 Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Arnhem

2014 – Now Member of the Board of School, Head of Department of Design and Portfolio manager International affairs Minerva Art Academy Groningen NL

2011 – 2014 Course Director Interior Design (BA/MA) Coventry University UK

1999 – 2011 Director & Designer VDVDV Ontwerpers Arnhem NL
∞ Interdisciplinary office for Architecture, Urban planning, Media, Unasked Questions & Advice
∞ Realization of a diversity of housing another architectural projects,
∞ Exhibitions, performances and events related to Urban Development

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