Charlotte Jarvis

Music of the Spheres

29.05. [14 Uhr]

Music of the Spheres utilises new bioinformatics technology to store a musical recording in DNA molecules. The DNA has then been suspended in soap solution and used to create performances and installations filled with bubbles. The ‘recording’ fills the air, pops on visitors skin and literally bathes the audience in music.

Music of the Spheres is a Collaboration between Dr. Nick Goldman, the Kreutzer Quartet and visual artist Charlotte Jarvis. Charlotte will be delivering a lecture and performance of the piece in which she will discuss DNA as a data storage device, a biological/artistic language and performative medium.


Charlotte graduated from Edinburgh College of Art and the University of Edinburgh in 2007, and from her MA in Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art in 2011. Charlotte exhibits internationally in the UK, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Cyprus, Ireland, Austria, Germany and North America. Recently Charlotte has exhibited at MU Eindhoven, the Wellcome Collection in London, WAAG and Droog in Amsterdam, Naturalis in Leiden and The Science Museum in Dublin.
For the past three years Charlotte has been collaborating with Professor Nick Goldman at The European Bioinformatics Institute and The Kreutzer Quartet. Music of the Spheres utilises recent bioinformatics technology to encode a new musical recording into DNA. The DNA has been suspended in soap solution and used to blow bubbles. The project was launched at ‚ARS Electronica‘ 2013 with a sample recording distributed in the form of bubble bottles at the ‚TOTAL RECALL‘ symposium. It later went on to tour the UK in a number of solo shows including an installation and live performance at Dilston Grove (CGP London).