Laurence Rassel

An Art School: Instituting an Institution.

28.05. [18 Uhr]

As the head of an institution, today an art school, I take on the double definition of the word “institution”. On the one hand, when institution is understood as what is apt to institute, to found, to establish, its creative movement is put forward by the present participle of the verb: “instituting”. On the other hand, when the past participle of the same verb comes to denote a result: “instituted”, it is what is crystallized, frozen, established. Alienation occurs when the instituted takes precedence over the instituting. From this position I have started from the principle that in art school a real instituting movement must be at stake for the participants, workers, collaborators to the institution. They can get involved and affect the structure by a history to be made. How? During this talk I will share some of the inspirations (open source, feminism and institutional psychotherapy) and some of the experiences led collectively.


Laurence Rassel is a cultural worker who can act as curator, teacher, organizer based in Brussels. From 2008 to 2015 she was the Director of Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona, an institution created in 1984 by the artist Antoni Tàpies to promote the study and knowledge of modern and contemporary art ( From 1997 to 2008, Rassel was member of Constant, a non-profit association and interdisciplinary arts-lab based and active in Brussels dealing with free software, copyright alternatives and (cyber)feminism (