Sebastian Lütgert

The Zen of

29.05. [12 Uhr]

More than ten years after the launch of 0xDB (1) and (2), five years since the inception of (3), and inspired by the more recent appearences of (4) and (5), Sebastian Lütgert will take a closer look at some of the strategies — decisions and decision making processes, foundational principles and accidental discoveries — that may have helped make these online video archive projects flourish. While most of the lessons begin with concrete questions related to software and technology, most of them will end up pointing beyond that: towards a general theory of collaboration and its limits, towards strategies against separation, specifically the premature separation of labor, and towards a few practical proposals to shield images from the language commonly used to bury them, and to instead begin to actually make use of images (6). The form of the presentation is inspired by, just like some of its contents are directly pirated from, „The Zen of Python“ (7).

(6) see Jean-Luc Godard, Film socialisme
(7) Tim Peters, The Zen of Python


Sebastian Lütgert, *1972, lives in Berlin (and sometimes Bombay) as an artist, writer and programmer. Founder of Bootlab (2000–2007) and Pirate Cinema Berlin (2004–), developer of the online video platform (2011–) and the book sharing application Open Media Library (2016–), author of „Burn Babelsberg Burn“ (2018), a forthcoming collection of „texts against cinema and copyright.“